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Helping hand during the Pandemic

GK Innovation Inc. Mask Donation with CEO/President Sul Yoon.jpg

When Covid-19 outbreak spread throughout the Philippines and hit the global market, the entire market almost collapsed, even caused some establishments to permanently shut-down. GK Innovation Inc. despite the adversaries still managed to give a hand, through donation of N95 mask to different Government and Non-government Institutions and Hospitals, such as but not limited to Department of Health, Malacañang Palace, Securities and Exchange Commission, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Different Municipalities and Police Stations around Cavite and Taguig, St. Luke’s Medical Center, etc. This is an act to aid the high demand of face mask due to shortage being experienced during this pandemic.

GK Innovation Inc. CEO/President Sul Yoon with Malacañang PSG

GK Innovation Inc. representatives .jpg

This Activity provided strength not only to the recipients but also encourages GK Innovation Inc. employees that they can give hope during this Pandemic, even in their small ways.

Donation of Mask to Government Agencies, Government Offices and Hospitals.

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